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Hugo Dolan

Applications of Time Series Analysis (ARMA-GARCH) To Improve Risk-Adjusted Return Screening Procedures.

You have been given the daily returns of several strategies / funds over the past year, how would you determine which one provides the best investment opportunity given only this information?

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The Rational Investor Allocation

This is the portfolio the so called “rational investor” would choose as clearly no one would want a portfolio that did not generate the best risk adjusted return right?

Applications of Change-point Detection, Cox Regression, and Bayesian Hierarchical Models

A company’s performance relative to its peers will be ultimately driven by management’s strategic decision making ability to drive growth and position the organisation for changing market conditions.

Tips from a new ‘Kaggler’ building CNN’s for blindness detection

Sections to this article

  1. Competition context
  2. Keeping a logbook
  3. Get more data
  4. Leveraging existing kernels
  5. Preprocessing images
  6. Training is a very very slow process (but don’t worry)
  7. Transfer learning
  8. Model selection

Competition context

Concept art is one of the earliest phases in the game dev process, over the last 5 years i’ve got a lot of exposure to all areas of game design. Check out my Portfolio of Graphic, UX, Concept Art, Game Dev etc…


SVM’s are often considered ‘Black Boxes’. In this article we cover techniques to visualise learned SVM models and their performance on real world data.

Image Shot by Hugo Dolan
  1. Introduction to Linear Models, SVM’s and Kernels
  2. Interpreting high dimensional engineered feature spaces which are utilising SVM kernels…
  3. Techniques for evaluating the performance of high dimensional classification boundaries
  4. Practical options for working with large class imbalances

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  • Reading Data From CSV
  • Formatting, cleaning and filtering Data Frames
  • Group-by and Merge
  • The Plot Function Basics
  • Seaborn violin and lm-plots

China’s megacities cities occupy the top 4 spots of the worlds most expensive cities to buy property, but is this upwards only market too good to be true?

Why you should consider it, the pain points and how to write your own lightweight reactive store

Keeping multiple simultaneous clients updated can be a nightmare

An Introduction

  • Fluid user experience
  • Maintain consistent application state across many simultaneous clients
  • Save time in testing when every component and service is using the latest app state

Some simple tips and tricks to create great looking apps


If the app doesn’t function correctly, forget about making it look pretty.

Make it function

  1. Use flow diagrams to chart out the typical user journey, then storyboard your app based off this
  2. Make sure that users can go back and make changes without having to start from scratch
  3. Core elements of app navigation should always be visible in your app window [Highlight in fig1]
  4. Display the information…

Hugo Dolan

UCD Statistics & ACM, Learning Data Science, Winning Team @ Citadel Dublin Data Open. | Mailing List:

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